Prepare the Required Forms

In order to get paid to referee high school and middle school soccer, you have to provide each school with two things:

  1. Your name, address and phone number.  In order to ensure legibility, schools require you to computer print the information on a specific type of peel and stick label.  
  2. A completed IRS Form W-9.

You will provide these forms when you check-in for a game. Each school has a sign-in form, on which you stick your pre-printed name and address label. The sign-in forms are typically kept at the ticket booth, but some schools have them at the concession stand or a member of the coaching staff may handle it. Just ask where you should sign in. You will also provide a completed W-9 form to each school the first time you work there each season. Give it to the same person that is handling the sign-in form.

The labels are made by Avery and the model/part number is 5160.  These are available at office supply stores and via online retailers.

Avery provides label 5160 templates for popular word processing programs, which are free to download here. Print out a few pages of these labels with your name, address and phone number and stick them in your ref bag.

You’ll also need a bunch of copies of completed W-9 forms .  The W-9 form is available to download from the NFSOA website, here.