New Member Checklist

We’re glad you’ve decided to join us and look forward to working with you. Here are the steps you need to complete so that you can be assigned.

  1. Register with the FHSAA. This gets you on the NFSOA mailing list
  2. Pass a criminal background check. This is required by Florida state law.
  3. Attend an NFSOA pre-season meeting. We will email you details and the meeting dates will be posted in the calendar.
  4. Set up your account at Arbiter Sports so you can be assigned games (if you registered with FHSAA, you’ve already done this)
  5. Set up ArbiterPay and also get the required forms ready so you can get paid.
  6. Complete the Referee Profile so our assignor will know where and when to assign you.
  7. Pass an FHSAA-administered online exam, which can be found in the FHSAA Officials Hub in Arbiter.
  8. Purchase your uniform and gear

Questions? Contact us.