Name Description Downloads Last Modified
Name Description Downloads Last Modified
A study guide for officials to have easy references to the differences between NCAA, High School Federation Rules and IFAB Laws of the Game.  Published by the National Intercollegiate Soccer Officials Association (NISOA). 179 downloads 17-09-2022 12:20
Manual describing soccer procedures for the Florida High School Athletic Association.  Also includes soccer rules that are specific to FHSAA concerning blue cards, mercy rule and overtime procedures.  Published by FHSAA. 222 downloads 10-08-2022 16:08
Summary of rule changes adopted by NFHS for the current year.  Note that some rules are superseded by FHSAA rules (blue cards, mercy rule and overtime).  Published by the National Federation of High Schools. 161 downloads 10-08-2022 16:03
Commentary from the National Federation of High School on rules and/or rule changes that should receive particular attention from referees.  Published by the National Federation of High Schools Soccer Rules Committee. 162 downloads 10-08-2022 16:02
Manual that includes officials program rules, regulations and policies for officials of all FHSAA sports.  Contains rules modifications for individual sports.  Also known as the "gray book" 157 downloads 10-08-2022 15:52
Short document explaining where to get information about NFHS Soccer Rule Books. 152 downloads 21-10-2021 16:37
Step-by-step instructions, including screen shots, for how to access the FHSAA Rules Exam. 140 downloads 15-10-2021 19:51
Instructions on printing the address labels that are required in order to get paid for games 142 downloads 04-10-2021 19:14
IRS Form W-9.  You must provide a completed W-9 form to each school in order to get paid.  Most schools require you to provide a new copy each year. 173 downloads 04-10-2021 18:54