Uniform requirements are similar to club soccer. You will need jerseys, shorts, socks, black footwear, whistle, watch, cards, coin and a pencil or pen. Footwear can be any of your choosing, as long as it is mostly black. Most referees wear running or trail shoes, but some also own cleats, which can be useful, especially later in the season when fields tend to be cut up.

We wear the USSF-style jersey and our colors are yellow and blue. If a member of the crew only has the FHSAA teal jersey, the crew can mix USSF blue and the FHSAA teal jersey. We use the FHSAA patch with the USSF-style jersey.

You can wear the short sleeve jersey and add black, long sleeve under armour when cold weather calls for it. Or you can purchase long sleeve jerseys.

Florida high school referees wear three-stripe socks. You will also need a blue card (click here to understand why).

You can buy your uniforms and supplies from any soccer referee supply store like Official Sports or Referee Store.