Dollars and Cents

Here are the expenses you can expect to incur and the game fees you will earn from refereeing high school games.

Game Fees

Game fees are set by the FHSAA. Assignor fees are paid by the schools and are not deducted from the game fees.

Here’s what you need to do to get paid.

CompetitionUnder 50 miles travelOver 50 miles travel
Varsity Regular Season$79$89
Sub-varsity Regular Season$68$78
District Tournament$89N/A
Regional Tournament$99N/A
FHSAA Finals$109N/A
As of 10 August 2022


Note that the are estimated expenses and are subject to change

Expense ItemAmountFrequency
Fingerprint and background check$86When joining; must be renewed every 5 years
Referee Uniform$100One-time; replace as needed. Details here.
FHSAA Registration$45Annual
NFSOA Membership Dues$40Annual; waived first year for new members