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FHSAA Soccer Officials Registration Is Open

Here are 5 Things to Know for the upcoming high school season, including FHSAA registration, ID badge checks, and hydration tips.

  1. FHSAA officials’ registration is now open.  

Early Bird registration is $45, a $10 discount on the regular cost.  You can register by logging in to your Arbiter account and then clicking on the FHSAA Central Hub.  Click on the “REGISTRATION” link near the top of the page.

2. Renew your Expiring ID Badge Now 

Background checks and ID badges are good for five years. Your ID badge has the date it expires on it, underneath your photo. This summer is the perfect time to take care of renewing it. You can find all the information about the background check process on the NFSOA website: click here.

3. Pre-season Meetings in September and October

We will hold two preseason meetings, one in September and one in October.  Dates will be announced in early August and will be added to the calendar.

4. Rule Changes Available For Review

If you want to get a head start on the rule changes for next season, you can download the NFHS rules change presentation.  The NFHS Rules app and the Soccer Guide/Comparative Study of Laws and Rules have NOT been updated with the new rules.  We expect these updates to be complete in the next few weeks.

5. Find Your Next Crew Member

We need more members, so help make sure we continue to have the best referees in the state. You can direct prospective new members toour website at  If they have questions, they can get in touch via the Contact Us page.

Before you go, did you know your heart works harder if you are dehydrated?  Here are some tips to stay well-hydrated.

Member Updates Rules

Coach Misconduct Reports Now Required

We now require a very brief report each time you caution a coach (or assistant coach, trainer, etc).  Tracking coach misconduct allows us to understand and address recurring misconduct problems.

Our website has a short form that takes less than two minutes to complete.  There are drop down lists for the school names and the narrative you normally include with a USSF report is optional.  You need to know the name of the coach you cautioned, which is listed on the roster.  Keep in mind that this system is for coach/staff cautions only.  If you disqualify a coach, please call Allison King during your drive home from the game.

After you submit a report, you’ll receive a confirmation email from

Please bookmark now so that you have easy access.

Member Updates Rules

2021-2022 Documents Available

New documents for the 2021-2022 season, including the FHSAA Soccer Manual, the Officials Guidebook (gray book) and the NFHS Points of Emphasis are now available for download, here.

You can purchase a digital copy of the NFHS Soccer Rule Book for the Apple Books app or for the Amazon Kindle app. The Amazon Kindle app is available in both Apple and Android app stores.