The Background Check Process

The Jessica Lunsford Act is a law in Florida that punishes and prevents sex offenders from committing more crimes. If you want to be a referee, you must undergo a background check by submitting your fingerprints, which costs $85.25. Officials are contractors who must pass a level 2 background check by providing their fingerprints to the school district. You can learn more about the Florida Statutes 1012.467 and 1012.468 here.

Background Check Steps

To renew your badge as an existing member, follow the same steps as a new member, which are detailed below.

To get your background check badge from Duval County Public Schools, follow these steps. The badge is valid for any Florida school. Although you can get the badge from any county, it’s recommended to use the process provided by DCPS. If you decide to get the badge from another county, you’ll need to figure out the process on your own as we can only assist with DCPS.

  1. Register on the Fieldprint website to have your fingerprints taken (The steps are detailed below).
  2. Go to your appointment and have your fingerprints taken.
  3. Email a completed form W-9 to Duval County Public Schools.
  4. Duval County Public Schools reviews the results of your background check.
  5. If your background check is approved, a “badge” is created for you at Duval County Public School. The background check badge should not be confused with a referee badge/patch.
  6. Pick up your completed background check badge.

Register to Have Your Fingerprints Taken

Access the Fieldprint website:

If you need help with the Fieldprint website, email or call 1-877-614-4364.

  1. If you are a New User, enter your Email and click “Sign Up”. Follow the directions to establish your password, security questions, and contact information. If you are an Existing User, Sign In using your existing email address and password.

3. Choose “I know my Fieldprint Code”.

  1. Choose your code carefully! Fieldprint does not give refunds because you chose the wrong code. Review the codes below and choose the one that applies to you. The vast majority of new referees will use the code in the first row.

New Florida High School RefereeOr a current referee with an expired or soon-to-expire background check badgeFPDCPSV
Badge OnlyFingerprinted by fieldprint Duval County but lost your badge or need a replacement badgeFPDCPSVB
FSSR Badge OnlyYou were fingerprinted by a company other than Fieldprint or you need to replace your FSSR badge that HAS NOT expiredFPDCPSVFSSRBadge
Registration Code OnlyYou were fingerprinted and already have a statewide badge but need to register in Duval CountyFPDCPSVFSSR

5. Enter your Personal Information.

***IMPORTANT: Please enter you legal name and ensure your birthdate and Social Security number are entered correctly.

  1. Enter your Demographics and Additional Information
  2. Enter your Employer Information. For Company Name, enter North Florida Soccer Officials Association. Enter your home address in the address field.
  3. Schedule your Visit. Enter your home or other address to find the nearest fingerprint capture location. Some of the authorized fingerprinting sites are also medical lab testing companies. Be advised that you may be in a waiting room with people who are scheduled for lab tests and plan accordingly.
  4. Payment Information. The fee is $85.25 and can be paid by credit/debit card or electronic check only. (No money orders)
  5. Confirmation Page – You will receive a confirmation page when the transaction is complete. Be sure to print it.

Go To Your Appointment and Have Your Fingerprints Taken

Please print and bring the confirmation page with you to your scheduled fingerprint appointment. Make note of the two forms of identification required to be presented when you are fingerprinted.

Some of the authorized fingerprinting sites are also medical lab testing companies. Be advised that you may be in a waiting room with people who are waiting for lab tests and plan accordingly. These locations are very busy and may not honor your appointment time if you are late.

The technician will verify your identity through the two forms of identification and then will collect your fingerprints using a digital scanner. They will also take your photograph for your badge.

Submit your W-9 Form to Duval County Public Schools

A completed W-9 form is required to process your badge.

The completed W-9 form can be emailed to or faxed to: 904-858-6122. Be sure to state that you are a new NFSOA soccer referee in your email or fax.

NOTE: Entry errors made during your registration process cannot be corrected once your fingerprints are captured. Any errors made in your entries must be corrected through the modification process BEFORE you are fingerprinted. If errors are discovered after the prints are captured/submitted, it is your responsibility to register again and to reprint at your expense.

Pick Up Your Badge

You will be contacted by Duval County Public Schools when your badge is complete and ready for pick up. One of our officers usually goes by the DCPS office to pick up all badges before the season starts. We then distribute them to you at an association meeting.

Keep your badge in your gear bag so that you can produce it if a school asks for it.