Member Updates Pay

New Pay Procedures

Starting this season, Duval County Public Schools pay officials via ArbiterPay, so make sure you have this set up.  All other schools continue to use paper checks via the sign in sheet. Full details are here

Member Updates Rules

Coach Misconduct Reports Now Required

We now require a very brief report each time you caution a coach (or assistant coach, trainer, etc).  Tracking coach misconduct allows us to understand and address recurring misconduct problems.

Our website has a short form that takes less than two minutes to complete.  There are drop down lists for the school names and the narrative you normally include with a USSF report is optional.  You need to know the name of the coach you cautioned, which is listed on the roster.  Keep in mind that this system is for coach/staff cautions only.  If you disqualify a coach, please call Allison King during your drive home from the game.

After you submit a report, you’ll receive a confirmation email from

Please bookmark now so that you have easy access.

Association Business Membership

2022-2023 Chapter Dues

Chapter dues of $40 are now due. You can Venmo your payment to Rick Squibb @Derrick-Squibb or via check mailed to: Rick Squibb, 1329 Smiling Fish Lane, St. Augustine, FL, 32080

Member Updates

NFSOA Members among first all female Finals crew

Local Officials Achieve First.

Fletcher, Creekside and St. Johns Country Day weren’t the only Northeast Florida teams making history at the FHSAA girls soccer championships.

A crew from the Jacksonville-based North Florida Soccer Officials Association achieved a notable first by taking charge of the Class 4A girls soccer final. 

Alexandra Billeter, a former University of North Florida forward who has also officiated in the National Women’s Soccer League, served as the referee, assisted by Joan Hyland, Dana Jones and Kaitlin Hartford.

Although officiating records aren’t complete for all FHSAA finals, association officials said it’s believed to be the first time on record that an all-female crew — referee, assistants and fourth official — handled a state soccer championship.

Bishop Moore won the 4A final, 4-2 against Delray Beach American Heritage

Sarieni Vasquez, Kaitlin Hartford, Alex Billeter, Shannon Hyland
Member Updates Uniform

Uniform Update

We have switched our jerseys from the Smitty’s FHSAA teal jersey to the USSF yellow and blue jerseys. Please read our full uniform requirements here ( and do NOT purchase the teal FHSAA jersey.

Association Business Member Updates

October 2021 meeting scheduled for 25th

Our next referee meeting will be on Monday, October 25th from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm at:

Shultz Center, 4019 Boulevard Center Drive, Jacksonville, FL, 32207
The annual certification exam is now open, but new rules will be reviewed at the meeting so you may want to take the test after attending the meeting.
The Preseason Tournament games will be played on November 1 and 3rd.  The Regular Season begins November 8.
We are in still in need of more officials, particularly in the outlying areas, so if you know of anyone please help them register at  I will begin the assignment process soon , so please register if you haven’t done so already.  Let me know if you have moved your home or work location.  and your availability, particularly for middle school.

Member Updates Rules

2021-2022 Documents Available

New documents for the 2021-2022 season, including the FHSAA Soccer Manual, the Officials Guidebook (gray book) and the NFHS Points of Emphasis are now available for download, here.

You can purchase a digital copy of the NFHS Soccer Rule Book for the Apple Books app or for the Amazon Kindle app. The Amazon Kindle app is available in both Apple and Android app stores.

Member Updates

Mid-Season Update 2020-2021

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday break. Assignments for the month of January will be done weekly. Below is the planned release dates for January assignments.

Three things I know we are not doing at every game :

1. If there is a scoreboard clock that is going to be used, one of the crew needs to talk to the scoreboard operator.  Explain briefly when the clock starts and stop and how you are going to signal for the clocks stops and starts. Also cover how and when you will communicate to them if the time needs to be corrected.

2. Please, please, please identify the school administrator when you arrive at the school or site. You need to know the name of the administrator and where they will be located during the game. If they are covering multiple events, get their cell number. If there is no school administrator, do not make a scene, call Allison and she will tell you what to do next. Do not tell anyone – including coaches, school personnel, parents and fans – that the game will not start because there is not an administrator.

3. If you issue a blue card or red card. Call me as soon as you can after the game. If I don’t answer send me a text or email with a brief description of what happened. Also let Allison know if a red card was issued, there was a massive brawl or something unusual happened.

Allison is working on the assignments now for January 5th – January 8th and those assignments will go out by Friday, January 1st. There is a below average game count for the these dates because it is the first week back to school.

We are waiting on the Gateway Conference and St. Johns River Conference tournament schedules. Allison needs to have these tournament schedules before the assignments for the week of January 11th – 15th can be completed. The winners of the first round of games will determine the game schedule for the following week. These assignments will go out by Friday, January 8th.

WEEK THREE & FOUR – The plan is to have both of these done by January 15th. The last regular season play date is January 30th.

Playoff Schedule –
District Tournaments
When: Monday-Wednesday, Feb. 1-10, 2021 – These will be assigned as soon as we have the seeding finalized by FHSAA and the host schools confirmed.
Regional Tournaments

  • Regional tournament quarterfinals – 7 p.m., Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2021
  • Regional tournament semifinals – 7 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 20, 2021
  • Regional tournament finals – 7 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2021


  • Regional tournament quarterfinals – 7 p.m., Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2021
  • Regional tournament semifinals – 7 p.m. Friday, Feb. 19, 2021
  • Regional tournament finals – 7 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2021
Member Updates

2020-2021 Registration Info

Now is the time to register with FHSAA to referee high school soccer. If you have not registered yet for the 2020-21 season, please get it done this week. We have been waiting on asking you to register until we were certain that there would be high school games played this year. Because we waited until we had confirmation, we are now way behind on our association members getting registered with FHSAA. Again, please get registered ASAP.

To register with FHSAA, log on to arbiter sports website and switch views to FHSAA central hub. Click on the registration tab and follow the instructions. During the registration process you will be asked when your JLA badge expires. If you don’t know the date your JLA badge expires just leave it blank.

I will have an update on meeting times and dates next week. Our meetings will most likely take place online.

NFSOA Dues this year will be $40 if paid in September and $50 after October 1st.

You can mail your NFSOA dues to Rick Squibb. His address is 1329 Smiling Fish Lane  St. Augustine, FL 32080.
You can also Venmo your NFSOA dues to him. Email Rick for his Venmo details.

If you are not planning on registering to referee high school this year, please email Allison King. Her email address is saaaaking -at- yahoo dot com.