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What Are The Game Day Procedures?

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To prepare for your assignments on game day, you should do the following:

Contact the members of your crew the day of the game. Be sure to discuss the following:

  • Exchange phone numbers
  • Expected arrival time of each crew member
  • School-specific parking instructions
  • Any knowledge of the teams and game implications (e.g. playoffs, etc)

For every assignment, you will bring an address label sticker pre-printed with your name, address and phone number. You will affix this label to a sign-in sheet.

The first time you are assigned to a school each season, you also need to bring a completed W-2 form

Upon arrival at the school, you must check in with the person the school has assigned to collect the W-2 forms and the sign-in sheet. Usually the person in the ticket booth has this responsibility. If you arrive before they do – which happens – make sure you go back to the ticket booth to sign in.

After the game, LEAVE. Do not shake hands or loiter. Players and coaches understand that officials in all high school sports are expected to leave the field immediately upon conclusion of the contest. Ideally, your referee HQ should not be located between the benches. There are some schools where it is advisable to leave your gear between the benches; veterans on the crew can advise you on this.

After game reports are required only if a straight red card is shown, when a game is terminated or when spectators are out of control. For further instructions on these situations, click here.

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